Your explorative newsfeed

By dint of your reading behavior our algorithm generates a collection of up-to-date articles, which allows you to explore the occurrences around the world individually.

On Boarding

The on boarding process allows the user to select the first references of interest to our system.

After registration the on boarding in form of cards appears. Now the user can choose freely if he wants to read, rate or skip the abstracts. The rating works via swiping to the right (like) or left (don‘t like).

If the user skips the on boarding, he will find a general newsfeed. In this case a personalisation will be generated during use. If the user wants to register via social media (facebook, twitter, google) our portal is able to hark back to the already collected data from news topics.


The “digest“ of the daily current articles offers the user the possibility to be always up-to-date.

Beside the headlines, every article is labeled with relevant Tags, date, time and a descriptive Subline. In this way it is possible to get more information while „skimming“. This helps the user to find the right article. The Newsfeed will be generated by the users behavior. Beside the overview, it also offers the first layer of the exploration. It is important for this purpose to easily provide international news and the integration of topics which are associative divers to the own interests.


The Abstract-Layer is the extraordinary feature of the portal. Articles will be summarized with max. 550 characters and are standardly in a chronological order. The base for the exploration is one of the choosen Teaser in the Newsfeed. This one leads to the cardview of the abstracts. Here the user can decide if he want to read the full article or explore more articles sourced to the base-article.

If the User decides to to read the full article, he gets the full text with a swipe-down gesture. At the end of the article it is possible to get more into the read topic. therefor we offer subsequent respectively related articles.

If the user swipes to the left instead of down, the exploration starts. For default the abstracts are in a chronologically order. it is possible to specialize the exploration by re-order the abstracts according to internationality or divergence.


To design the portal the most transparent way, there is the possibility to get to an infosite of the author – as far as there are one or more authors listed on the publishers site.

Here are the name, a picture, journalistic range of the representative News paper respectively the Blog and a short Biopic visible. Additionally his previous publications are listed on the author page.

Reading Profile

With all the raised data, the portal generates a „reading profile“. The user has here the ability to see how the algorithm estimates him respectively in which crudely cluster he’s located. Also this should ensure the transparency.

A Venn-Diagram is showing the superior topic and the overlapping of them. Below the diagram are the most read Tags. By clicking one of the circles, the listing of tags for a special superior-topic will be displayed.

—  7.Semester Amanda Jerkovic, Florian Lubnau  —