haptic trackpad

interactive study for need of digital haptic

This project begun with our interest in electronical vibration on touch screens. Nowadays the noticeable feedback becomes fewer and fewer, former mobiles for example had a keystroke for a certain orientation. With the haptic trackpad we want to show how feedback can be given through screens.

For the first attempts of our concept we reconstructed a mechanical computer mouse with a vibration motor and a piezzo speaker. We experienced how colors, line weights, friction, borders and filed oder not filed objects can be differentiated through haptic feedback. Referring to our results we created a Arduino program with simple forms and lines to test the feedback in the digital world. After a few tries we applied our concept on an external trackpad, modifying the trackpad with the vibration motor and the piezzo speaker. Furthermore the user was given the opportunity of switching between haptic, acoustic, multiple or no feedback. The user can switch between the different forms of feedback and set the trackpad personally.

—  3.Semester Amanda Jerkovic, Florian Lubnau  —
Invention Design