360° is an augmented reality weather app.

In our four Week Workshop we exposed the basics of three-dimensional deciption in Media installations. GLOBE is our playfully attempt, to connect the digital with the analog world. The Holo-Box based on the Pepper’s ghost illusion effects. this Effect consists of a mirror technique, which screens the particles on a white styrofoamball. In the box is a semipermeable pane and a 40’’ Monitor. The visuals are made with the physicsBox2dLibrary form Processing. We track the interactions with the Kinect from XBOX.

The actors now can derange the balance of the earth. When nobody is in the range of the sensor it displays a spinning world out of particles. But if the Sensor detects motion the particles will react with trouble. They will be randomly supressed but they try to come back to their basic position.

—  4.Semester Amanda jerkovic, Janette Majer, Ann-kathrin Spörl, Florian Lubnau  —
three-dimensional basics