quadcopter programming kit for children

blocks is an interactive quadcopter and programming kit. It makes it possible for children to explore the physical and digital world through playfully learn programming logics by the mean of code modules.


Our application offer a simple creation of code without the bond of syntax scripting. The programming code for the quadcopter is illustravtively located on bricks while every brick has its own group for special actions or properties. With the help of eventframes possible mistakes can be excluded. To guarantee the transferabilitly from block to code it is necessary to set up the code in a chronological order. Any change of a stone‘s position from upside to downside impacts the movement sequence of the quadcopter.


To meet the needs of children or beginners our app refers to a level principle. The user will be guided into his first level by his first interaction. At this juncture the interface and its handling will be explained - this emphasizes the fast learning process plus the simplicity of the application. Later it is possible to code on other levels or even work on an own quadcopter project.

Children- and amateur oriented design

For children from the age of ten it is necessary to create an adequat environment while distraction through too many click items or the excessive use of colour should be avoided. The challenge is to keep the user‘s focus on the right object. An important element of the design is the reduction of complexity within language. All operating components have to be easily understandable and should not lead to any misunderstanding. Furthermore the rapid learning success has to be visible. Tasks must not take too much time and the quadcopter should be actuated quickly.

Use of sound

We used sound to support our visual concept. By the purposeful commitment of sound bricks can be recognized and therfore optimize the learning process. Every brick group gets their own sound which occurs by picking up a brick and by dropping it down on the work surface. To check every brick position in an interplay of several bricks, a melody is played. This audible confirmation shows that the selected brick fits to the prior brick chronologically. If the code cannot bring the quadcopter to a safe fly a neutral melody will arise.

—  6.Semester Amanda Jerkovic, Florian Lubnau  —
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